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Other Days

Film Casting Call!!


A feature film that will be shot in Orlando, FL from September 1st through September 15th. 


Who we are looking for?

Character Breakdown

1. Samuel Cross -  Male, 30’s, Spanish

2. Sara Mitra - Female, 40’s (current), South Asian or Asian (Indian  preferred) 


If you fit the description above, we would like YOU to audition for the role.

Please ignore the dialogues in non-English language for your self- tapes. 


Download the script (scene 20 only) and submit your self-taped auditions to!


Hope to see your audition soon!!


English  | Upcoming Feature Film 

Executive Producers: Times & Images LLC

Other Days.jpg

A psychosocial romantic drama, Other Days is a rumination of the youth that we leave behind. It is a reflection of our past, and of the relationships, we forge when we are young. As we grow and change with the world around us, we look back to the past with mixed emotions. This film attempts to find those emotions - the memories of nostalgia hidden in the past. Other Days tells us the story of the passionate, whirlwind romance between Samuel & Sara - two individuals from opposite poles. As an exploration of love, loss, and the circumstances that cause us to question our own sanity - Other Days is a riveting drama focused on how memories are often pleasant and painful in equal measure.


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