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We all have stories

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Times & Images

A visual storyteller

Times & Images is a boutique film production company, focused on capturing momentary images of global life on a timeline. Socially relevant issues, adventurous storytellers, fearless newcomers, innovations, folklores, empirical data and uncomfortable honesty attract us at Times & Images. 


In 2019, Sailaja and Rahul initiated Times & Images. Today, we are collaborating in stories from three different continents, Asia, Africa and America. We have permitted us the freedom to communicate our tales through short films, web series and full-length features.

We all have stories; memorable and critical to our own! Sometimes those tales stem from our nostalgia, from antagonism, from aspirations and occasionally even without any overt source. Then, at times, the stories are uncomfortable to our senses too! But we all have our tales - dark, white, red, grey or otherwise!